Assessment & Reporting 

Staff at All Saints Parish School use a range of assessment tools and techniques to monitor each student’s learning progress. Assessment is used to form and inform lesson content, identify support that is needed, as well as areas for extension. 

Students regularly complete standardised assessments and school based assessments that allow teachers to gain a clearer understanding of what each child has learnt from the teaching that has occurred, as well as areas that student still need to consolidate. Teachers use pre and post CFATS (Common Formative Assessment Tasks) in maths and writing to group students and target areas of need. Along with classroom progress and observations, these assessments are used when planning BOOST sessions and participation in structured intervention programs. 

The nationwide NAPLAN assessments are completed by students in Year 3 and 5. Families receive their child’s results as well as the school utilising this data analyses individual student and schoolwide progress.   

Students’ progress is compared to the expected level of achievement for each year level and the  All Saints’ formal reports are aligned against the standards outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.  Families receive a formal written report twice a year. These reports are available through the Parent Access Module (PAM) at the end of each semester. Early in term 3, parents are involved in a 3-way learning conversation with their child and child’s teacher to discuss the previous semester work and to look ahead to the growth that is expected in the second half of the year.