All Saints Parish School actively seeks partnerships with parents and caregivers to enhance student learning and wellbeing. School staff understand the important role parents play in the success of their child's learning and in the development of the whole child. 

Parent Involvement

Parental involvement is strongly encouraged at All Saints Parish School and parents are encouraged to contribute to the life of the school in any way they can. Formal ways in which parents can be involved are:  

  • School Advisory Council
  • Tuckshop
  • Working bees​
  • Classroom assistance
  • Attending liturgies and school masses
  • Volunteering to assist on camps and excursions
  • Deb ball committee 
  • Assisting in fundraising
  • Supporting children at sporting events


Communication between school and home

Newsletters are shared electronically every two weeks. These publications share important information about upcoming events and reflections from what has been happening at All Saints.

All Saints Parish School utilises ClassDojo to share school events, student learning and reminders for daily organisation.  Parents are able to join their child’s classroom story to hear about the learning happening in class time and message directly to teachers.  Parents are encouraged to maintain open and respectful communication with teachers and in line with our guidelines be respectful of the hours for communication. Between 6pm and 8am teachers will not respond to Dojo messages and during class hours there may be a delayed response as teachers are busy with students. If you need to get a message to your child’s classroom teacher or child during school hours, please contact the school office and they will ensure that the information is passed on.